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Minggu, 16 Mei 2010


Hello friends, thank you for the time given to me. Here I want to tell you about the king of the jungle. Do you know the Lion? Well, I think you have seen a Lion in the television or in the zoo. Well guys, Lion is a carnivore, and it is a wild animal. You can find a Lion in the African jungle, you also can find it in the savannah and forest.

A Lion looks like a cat but it is bigger than a cat. The male Lion has mane, it is bigger than the female. Friends? Do you know that Lion is a great hunter? They can run very fast like a horse. They have strong and sharp claws to catch their prey. Its fangs are very strong. Emmm. . . Lion likes to eat zebra, buffaloes, or deer. And guys, you must know that Lion is a good listener because it can hear voice from until 100 until 150 meters.

Well friends, I think that’s all about the king of the jungle. And it’s time for me to leave. I hope this short report will be useful for you. Ok guys, thank you for your attention. See you bye, , bye. .

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  1. great example, may I use it to teach in my class? thank you


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